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LOPO New LOGO Incoming

Nov. 03, 2021

2011, Lopo was established by my husband Russell and I. We did not what would be Lopo’s future, but we know why we want to have our own business: To stay in Shenzhen, have our own apartment, let our kids to be educated here in Shenzhen. 

I was an international sales before starting my own business, as a sales, my principle is to try my best to offer customers best service (Introduce all the products in detail to let customer can make their correct decision )to help my customers can growing well, due we believe that only customer growing well, so do we!

So Lopo’s mission was ALWAYS FOR YOU (YOU means customers) at the first beginning. 

With years of developing, we do appreciated all the customer’s support, Lopo become a company from 2 people at the first beginning to few dozens of people, and have our own branded heat press machine, own factory, own unique products which made us to be different from others.


In 2018, when I went back to check how we had been here today, I had been encouraged by our customers that we can do something better.

So we changed our mission from ALWAYS FOR YOU to MAKE LIFE MEMORABLE, the second Logo came out.

Yes, Make Life Memorable! Sublimation is best solution for small and medium qty customization gifts, with the user-friendly heat press and useful sublimation blanks we are developing, we do hope that there are more and more people know sublimation, enjoy sublimation, growing their business in sublimation while bring more ways for the people from each corner of the world a better way to pass their love, to make their life memorable!

The SECOND STAGE of LOPO is to trying to create the value to the whole society: Memorable life, happy life!


2021 is the 10th Anniversary of Lopo, can not believe it had been 10 years passed, because so many moments in my mind which was like it just happened.

We appreciated all the customer’s support to lead Lopo to be here today ,we appreciated for all of our LOPONEES hard working and always take challenges to create something new and different, we appreciated all of our supplier’s support!

10 years ago, Lopo was established by two young people, my husband Russell and I, and today,10years later, we have more than 100 LOPONEES. 

For future, we will work for our vision: MAKE LIFE MEMORABLE

We knew there would be a long way, but this time, we choose to be together; this time, together we know everything is possible;  this time, we will create lots of possibility happily.

The new logo came out, on the left side, this signs means:10years ago, we choose green as our main color, it is with good wishes from two young people, now green was the started but also had been past, for future, it would be brighter in color and also in life. So it is with more shinny color while the shape is more like a dancer is waving their ribbon happily, and also would like to make LOPO as BILLY ELLIOT. (Never forget to pursuit your dreams!)



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