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Plastic Cover Notebook A5

Material:Plastic PET


Packing: 60pcs/carton(43*32*22cm)

Printing Parameters:180°C(356°F),60S

ITEM NO.:5270007

Product Description:

Notebook Covers are made of wear, tear & moisture-resistant plastic that’s durable enough to protect your notes and outlast other spiral notebooks. Each 1 subject notebook provides 60 sheets of pure ruled inspiration,except the A4 size have 80 sheets. Sturdy notebook paper handles ink pens, colored pencils, mechanical pencils and highlighters for beautiful, A+ worthy notes. A snag-resistant coil keeps college ruled pages secure and resists catching on backpacks and clothes like lesser quality notebooks. Our spiral notebook isn’t just for school supplies and home school students. Add to your office supplies or home office shopping list for project planning, bullet journals, and to-do lists. 

Unique Selling Points:

-  Wear, tear & moisture-resistant Plastic Cover

-  Sturdy Notebook Paper

-  Snag-Resistant Coil

-  Multiple Sizes

Product Detail:

-  Material: Plastic Cover & White Paper

-  Type:  Notebook with Black Lines or Blank

-  Sizes:  A5 (60 Sheets)

-  Matte and Glossy  Plastic Cover

-  Packing:  A5 - (60pcs/ctn) 

-  CTN Size: 43*32*22 cm

-  Printing Parameters: 180°C (356℉), 60S    

Plastic Cover Notebook A5-Glossy

Plastic Cover Notebook A5-Glossy

Plastic Cover Notebook A5-Glossy

Plastic Notebook A6(With blank inner)-Glossy

Plastic Notebook A6(With blank inner)-Glossy

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