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Printalab Pro is developed for commercial use ,for it can work with 4 different printers at a time . No matter the printer is the desk-top one or roller one ,it can adjust the Graphic design automatically according to the printing size of your printer ,save you a lot of time while let you make more money!


  •  Work with any sizes of printer to print any sizes of paper 

  •  Compatiable with more than 100 types of file formats ,from PDF to PSD

  • Input different types of ICC for different types of ink ,paper and printer 

  • Save the printed Jobs upon your choice 

  • Easily adjust the size of the picture according to the templates

  • Adjust the size of the printing format according to the different sizes of printer automatically 

  • Can work with 4 different printers at a time and connect with as much printers as you want 


Minimum hardware and software requirements

- Intel / AMD PC processor with 2.2 GHz (recommended i5 or i7 quad core)

- 4 GB RAM (8 GB Recommended)

- Operating system Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10)

- Recommended operatio Windows to date

- Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 software pre-installed

- For anti-viruses: set WeMask Pro as an exception or exclusion rule, in order to receive software updates continuously. Please note: there is no need to disable or uninstall the anti-virus


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