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About Sewing Factory

Sublimation Textile is the second largest category except Ceramic products in sublimation industry. Textile products had been in sublimation industry for many many years, like the apron, baby bibs, T-shirt, pillow covers, but there was no any suppliers who is specialized in the new material developing for sublimation textile as long as full series of products developing based on new materials

Lopo noticed this since 2016 and then paid a lot of attention on the research of the material for sublimation textile, luckly, we found it is the field that we might can manage to get in and do it better . So we started focusing on developing of new sublimation textile material since late 2016 and we managed to developed, sub-linen, sub-sequin, soft-linen, colorful -linen, and there are more new materials is under developing.

sublimation textile.jpg

There were few reasons for us to open a sewing line to products the textile products by ourselves although it was not an easy decision we had made: 1. There are lots of sewing workshop who can do fulfillment for us ,but we noticed it is hard to control the quality although the cost might be cheaper than we run our own. 2. We do not have ability to develop new products based on the materials we have because we do not have a professional team. 3. It took at least 7 days to get the sample ready if customer needed and sometime it may went wrong , really be a headache.

Finally ,the sewing line was open in earlier of 2019, we were so lucky that we have found the professional manager and workers to join us, most of them are being in sewing industry for their entire life, they work hard but never complain, they are professional but they never thought they are somebody, they love what they do and always try their best. So now, from two years of growing, I am proud to say that we should be the most professional supplier of sublimation textile products among all the chinese suppliers and we are keep moving ......

Sewing Factory Flow Chart

Sewing Factory


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