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Shenzhen Lopo Technology Company., Ltd. Shenzhen Lopo Technology Company., Ltd.
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About LOPO

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10 years, maybe it is not a quite long time but it should be a good time scale that we should let ourselves be free of mind and to be ourselves and take time to go back and forward! I am Rachel, Co-founder of Lopo who would like to share something with our customers and members!

Lopo was established by Russell and me in 2011, nothing special, the initial mission for us to run our business was just trying to live better to be managed to have our own apartment and let our kids can be educated here in Shenzhen. With the growth of our business, more members joined us, then the mission changed to try to let all of our Lopo members can live better and can be better themselves.

Now, we have our own factories, more than 100 members, our own way of running business, own way of getting our members to be educated and our own principle, finally, we made our company’s vision as MAKE LIFE MEMORABLE ! 10 years, from personal living requirement to society’s responsibility as MAKE LIFE MEMORABLE, it is not an easy way but a very interesting way.

As a sales, my principle is to be honest with customers, because I believe that only if you be honest with your customers, then you can be trusted by your customers, then you would have a good relationship with your customers, then you can be managed to help your customers to make the right decision to grow their business. Sometimes, I feel that I am really lucky, I managed to have good relationship with lots of our customers, some are even like family, like, Terry from Australia, Chris from the UK, Massimo from Italy, Tom from the USA, etc.


As a products manager, I always keep the quality go first, then control the cost by bulk production and professional sourcing department’s hard working. Due to I believe that sublimation is the best way for small and medium quantity customization, all the products we offered would turn into a personalized gift to pass love from people to people, so it needs to be good enough to take that kinds of LOVE!

As a company leader, my job is to make sure that all the members know what they are doing, what kinds of value they are creating, how they can be a better themselves and finally, they could be better themselves!

At last, I would like to say thank you to all of our customers, thank you for choosing us and support which you had given to us; thank you for all of our Lopo members, thank you for your trust and hard-working; thank you for our competitors, thank you for helping us always keep moving to be better! Make Life Memorable!

We are on the way, there always nothing to be perfect, but to be better!


Make life memorable!


U Deserve The Best!


Focus, Love, Try, Always for you!


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