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Introduction of Printalab


Sublimation is the best way for small and medium quantity personatization gifts . So get the right color ,right size for printed image is very very important . Bring convenient to all the dye-sub users while make people's life more memorable is the reason why we decided to develop our sublimation Rip-Printalap!


We worked with a design company from Italy as long as a team of experienced designers for more than a year to get the software ready . 

  • We did the research among our customers of what kinds of function they are looking for ,so we tried our best to made the software with all the funtions which all the dye-sub users may care or needed and also make it as easy as we can to let everybody can use it . It is far more easier than Photoshop 

  • Our desginer took more than 2 months to get most of the templates ready for the goods which we are offering ,especially for the goods which can not manage to print well without a templates ,like phone case ,patterned pillow ,etc .And we will keep uploading the templates 


  •  Work with any sizes of printer to print any sizes of paper 

  •  Compatiable with more than 100 types of file formats ,from PDF to PSD

  • Input different types of ICC for different types of ink ,paper and printer 

  • Save the printed Jobs upon your choice 

  • Easily adjust the size of the picture according to the templates

  • Adjust the size of the printing format according to the different sizes of printer automatically 

  • Basic can work with one printer at a time while pro can work with 4 printers at a time 


Minimum hardware and software requirements

- Intel / AMD PC processor with 2.2 GHz (recommended i5 or i7 quad core)

- 4 GB RAM (8 GB Recommended)

- Operating system Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10)

- Recommended operatio Windows to date

- Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 software pre-installed

- For anti-viruses: set WeMask Pro as an exception or exclusion rule, in order to receive software updates continuously. Please note: there is no need to disable or uninstall the anti-virus



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