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Economical Apron - White

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: Kid & Adult

Colors: White

Printable area: one side

Printing parameter: 215°C, 45s

                               150°C, 15s  

M.03.09.0032-Kids White Color

M.03.09.0033-Adults White Color 

M.03.09.0034-Kids Khaki Color 

M.03.09.0035-Adults Khaki Color

Color Choice:

Econo shopping bags are always in demand, so with the quality and performance ensured, we spare no effort to reduce the cost by mass production. That's why this series can meet the demand of low-budget customers in both South and North America and Europe. We are confident that we are competitive in price under the equal quality.

Economical apronEconomical apron

Economical Apron - White

Polyester Material

Aprons are made of 100% polyester, long-lasting and machine washable. They do not soak up stains like cotton aprons, which makes laundering much easier.

Front Pocket

2 large pockets in the front middle of the apron for easy holding kitchen bottles, grill slips, recipe cards, etc. 

Economical apron
Economical apronAdjustable Neckband

The neckband is adjustable, so you can make the apron high or low neck according to your needs. 

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